Small groups are our opportunity get together regularly with a small group of fellow believers and pray together, study God's word together, and share in each others' lives.

We have multiple small groups meeting at the church available on Wednesday evenings while the Youth meet in the sanctuary, as well as groups meeting at other times.

Wednesday group time is a great way to recharge in the middle of the week and stay focused on The Lord through the rest of the week.

The small groups we currently have available are:

• The Chosen is a Women's study meeting at 6:30 on Wednesday evening being led by Linda Altruz.

The Prayer Group meets weekly at 7pm on Wednesday to pray over the church and requests. from the congregation. It is being led by Jennifer McCreight and Karie Moulton.

Senior Ministry Group - Led by Dan Charo and Margaret Ware meets on Thursday at 11am.

• The Women's Ministry also has a Sunday morning study on Ruth that starts at 9am.